iPhone 4S: What’s new!

iPhone 4S

After a load of rumors and speculations, the fifth generation iPhone is here. What was supposed to be an iPhone 5 turned out to be an iPhone 4S. Kind of an upgrade over iPhone 4. At least that’s what looks tell you. The iPhone 4S looks remarkably similar to iPhone 4 if not exactly identical. Inside however, it’s all different.

What’s different:

GSM+CDMA it’s a world phone

Previously, Apple had two models of iPhone out there. A CDMA and a GSM. While CDMA remained  in USA to Verizon, GSM made it to all over the world.

Apple call iPhone 4S “A World Phone” packing in both GSM and CDMA capabilities. Thus making it more lucrative for international travelers and at the same time at a global stage increasing the prospective number of carriers it can work with. The HSDPA limits on the iPhone 4S is 14.4Mbps download, compared to the 7.2Mbps on the iPhone 4.

Upgraded camera

With the 4S, Apple has bumped up the camera specs and optics. Apple says their phone’s camera is better than the point and shoot cameras in terms of quality. It’s now 8 megapixel, shoots 1080p videos. Apple revealed several other features in the iPhone 4S camera, be it the image signal processor of A5 comparing to DSLRs or video stabilization for making those shaky shoots better. The front camera however remains VGA. But i am not complaining

Faster processor

The iPhone 4S uses the same CPU as the iPad 2. The dual core A5 chip and claims it delivers up to two times more power and up to seven times faster graphics. And apparently it helps increasing the battery life because of it’s power efficiency. Expect a smoother UI and richer & fluid gaming experience.

Siri: The voice assistant

Now this is launching in beta with the 4S and brings in a wow factor. Even before we get started, Dear Apple, will this work with my Indian accent? Will be interesting to see. Siri integration in 4S brings a personal assistant to iPhone. Something that you can speak to naturally and get things like looking up an address, sending a text or creating a calendar entry done. Imagine if you spoke to your iPhone about anything you want to be done on the iPhone? Like looking up an address, sending a text or creating a calendar entry done. Wouldn’t that be amazing!


Apple has promised ‘fastest rollout’ with the 4S. 70 countries before year end, while I hope India would be on the list, for now pre-orders begin on 7th October and the iPhone 4S go on sale in US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK from 14th October. The US pricing is $199 for 16GB version, $299 for 32GB and $399 for the 64GB version.

The iPhone 4S


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