A Game Of Thrones (book) by G.R.R. Martin review

Upfront, I must tell you guys that I’m not much of a reader. I only read in my spare time, which mostly includes fiction like sci-fi, fantasy. Although, after reading the book first of the fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire, I think I’m becoming one quickly. This book is THAT good! It brings out the bibliophile inside. And now I’m a big fan of the franchise, having watched the inspired HBO TV series.

The plot involves three main story-lines which are interconnected to each other. Martin introduces a fictional continent called Westeros (and it’s seven kingdoms) in a fictional world where only three continents exist or are known & mapped, others being Essos and Sothoros. Story is told by view point of some major characters.

Out of the three main story-lines, one concerns the seven kingdoms which are ruled by a king named Robert Baratheon who overthrew House Targaryen fifteen years before the events of the book with the help of his friend Eddard Stark and Jon Arryn, the man who fostered both. Second main story-line involves the events of the Wall – a massive construction situated north of the Westeros which prevents the dark forces that lie beyond-the-wall from entering the realm and a military order created to hold it called Night Watch. The writer clearly draws inspiration from Medieval Europe and War Of The Roses. The final main story-line concerns the remnants of House Targaryen – a young exiled prince and his 13 years old sister who her brother barters to a mighty savage house-lord hoping he and his army will help him take the Seven Kingdoms back from Robert Baratheon who they understandably call the Usurper.

Writing of the book is very vivid and take my word, it’s really hard to put the book down once you’ve started reading. The world Martin has created is rich, immersive and has very diverse characters, few you’ll love, few you’ll hate and on few you’ll be undecided. There is just the right amount of humor to keep the interest going if things get a bit too serious.  I never really got bored, the language never feels insipid.

Funny, witty and inspirational dialogues, amazing character depth, engaging story-line and grey characters contrary to the usual black and white of other fictional writings makes this a must. Well, if you love reading fiction even a bit, just get it.


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