What’s so great about the Batman?

I’ve been asked the above question by a lot of people. Even I’ve wondered the same thing. Why do I like him? Why is he so catchy? Why do I prefer him over other, you know, more fun comic-book superheroes and characters like Super-man, Spider-man? Isn’t Batman a bit too stern? He is not even a real super-hero. He ends up getting beaten up more than anyone else. So, why him?

I remember saving money to buy the Batman comic books in my childhood. He always attracted me, right from the first time I saw him on the cover page of a DC comic book. I did buy, read and liked the comic books related to Super-man, Spider-man, Green lantern, Thor etc. but Batman, most of all and read him with far more enthusiasm. Why?

Answer is quite simple. He’s more human than any other super-hero. No special power, no freak ability to aid him against the bad guys. He’s closer to us than any other super-hero.

And, he has gadgets. Lots of them. I was always attracted to technology and gadgets. He’s a gadget freak, like me. And, he has cars. Fastest and luxurious in the world.

His parents were murdered right in front of him. He could have become a criminal, ended up in a mental asylum or have lived a cushy, carefree life. He chose to go out and risk his life everyday fighting crime.

Deep inside me, there is a Dark Knight. This is why I love the Batman.



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