Life’s good…not!

Now, well into the adult years, I know why it’s very important to live every moment of life. Because any moment can be your last. You never know what the future has in store for you. Life is damn unpredictable. It can end abruptly without any forewarning. You think everything’s going fine in your world and BAM! I am going to tell you about a terrible incident I had the misfortune of witnessing recently. Take it as an example for whatever I’ve said above.

It was around 5 PM. I was on my way home. It started to drizzle. Heavy enough to make someone drenched if you stay in it for too long. I didn’t have raincoat. So I was in haste.

Got stuck in a traffic jam. On the other side of the divider, though, the way was clear. Vehicles were going unhindered.

That’s where the incident occurred.
Across the road there were a few general shops. A car stopped in front of one, weirdly parked adjacent to the divider right in the middle of the road. In the car there was a couple. Wife stayed inside the car and husband alighted, to buy something. He had barely set a foot outside and suddenly a massive, loaded truck violently collided with him.

The car blocked my view of the whole thing. Still, I knew of the collision because of the sickening crunch it made as blood splattered all over the road. Victim’s wife made a shrill, horrendous cry and everyone looked petrified. She quickly rushed to the body of his husband…or whatever remained of it. It was a head-on collision and man’s face was facing the truck in his final moments. Due to this, his face had become a ruin. His head was twisted in a grotesque fashion. His cheek bones were clearly visible and a handful of remaining flesh was dangling from them. His skull had cracked open in half. The sight of the pink flesh of his brain almost made me puke. His limbs quivered for a moment before they got placid. His intestines were sputtered on the road. Remaining contents of his stomach were nowhere to be seen.

The wails of his grief-stricken wife were like nothing human. People surrounded her and his husband. With a minor accident, you’d expect people to rush the victim to the hospital. Not in this. There was scarcely anything remained to carry. Nothing to save. I noticed I was trembling. Whether it was fear, shock, sadness, I could not say. I felt tears glistening in my eyes. I was weeping for a dead man I had never seen before.

It’s been more than a week. The memories of the incident still sends shivers down my spine. His wife’s shrieks still echo in my mind. I don’t think I will ever forget this incident in future, mainly because of the sheer brutality of it.

Now, you could argue that it was his own fault. You will say it was akin to a suicide. He parked the car on the wrong side and blindly trotted down the road without looking anywhere else. Maybe you’re right. Maybe he dug his own grave. But he didn’t deserve to die like that. Heck, nobody deserves to die like that!

This is why, my friends, live every minute of your life to the fullest. This world is cruel. A trifle of a mistake can claim your life.



5 thoughts on “Life’s good…not!

  1. We can’t lose what we have got for some petite issues like ego hassles, some desires unfulfilled and so many more like them. Life is larger than these all. We often not realize it’s worth.

  2. Condolences to the bereaved. You are right that no one deserves a tragic death such as this. However, as you admitted yourself, there is a lesson here for everyone of the consequences of not following the basics. And Mumbai and its people are mastering the art of flouting basic norms. Not just road accidents, look at the insanely huge number of rail accidents happening in this city. In peak hours, trains leave the stations jam packed with people as if this is the last train to be boarded! The other day, I had to leave three fast trains because I could not board the train. I got into the third train but there was only man hanging on the door of the over-crowded bogey, and I trembled, jumped out of the moving train – a first incident for me after many years of travelling. The point is the infrastructure of this country sucks, and people – either due to compulsion or helplessness or carelessness – are becoming victims of such accidents.

  3. Amrut, yes the local trains in Mumbai are infamous for this. Actually, population problem is the root of every problem in this country. More people->More vehicles->More accidents. Too much crowd was also the reason terrorists targeted the local trains as then they get to kill more people. 😦

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