iPhone 5- To Switch or Ditch

All right. The recent Apple event seems to have disappointed many. According to some “techies”, the new iPhone just didn’t fulfill their expectations. Funny thing is, people, even hardcore Apple fanbois (and girls) are miffed over iPhone not having a quad core CPU and well, competition obliterating specs they generally expect from their beloved Apple.

First off, let’s observe the major changes the iPhone has undergone from 4S to 5

Display: This is simply the most prominent change in the iPhone 5. The first change you will notice at the first glance. Size of the display has been enlarged by half an inch. In order to keep the DPI (dots per inch) count same, Apple has also tweaked the resolution from 960*640 to 1,136 x 640.

CPU: Apple has upgraded the CPU from A5 to A6. They claim it’s twice as fast as compared to A5. I’m not sure if it’s dual core or quad core but if it runs iOS 6 without any hiccups, it doesn’t really matter.

LTE: A pretty healthy speed upgrade over 3G but only if it’s available in your country, in which case we Indians are out of the equation. We don’t have LTE and even 3G plans are pretty expensive here. This feature is useless for you unless you want to show off that your phone supports something which isn’t available in the country!

Dimensions and weight: Now this is really impressive. Even after considerable upgrades in features, performance and screen size, the iPhone 5 is 18% thinner, 20% lighter (at least that’s what Apple claims) and freakishly light at just 112 grams for a device with four inch display. And a Retina one at that! Apple you beauty!

Now, the pertinent question arises: should you buy it?

See, if you already have an iPhone 4S or even an iPhone 4, the iPhone 5 is not a huge jump. You should stick with your phone. For now. Hold your horses a bit and wait for iPhone 5S (Apple may change the nomenclature, though).

If you use any older iPhone, though, it might be a good idea to pick this one up. I recommend this phone particularly for someone who is taking their first plunge in the ocean called iPhone. It doesn’t matter if you come from the Android fraternity or anything else, you’re going to love this phone, the iOS and amazing apps in the App Store.


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