Counter Strike: Global Offensive Review

If you are a gamer and you like first person shooters, I guess, there is 90 % chance that you’ve heard and 70% chance that you’ve played Counter Strike 1.6. Even after 12 years since it’s official launch by Valve, it’s still the most popular multi-player video game in the world. According to Wikipedia, the game has sold over 27 million units as of August 2011. And that number excludes the non-steam versions!

Valve released the souped up version of original CS in 2004 which was totally redesigned using their Source engine- Counter Strike: Source. It received pretty favorable reviews but failed to challenge CS 1.6 in terms of popularity.

Latest edition of this popular multiplayer tactical shooter- Global Offesnsive, arrives in the market dominated by it’s predecessor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Battlefield 3. It is not going to easy. People are too used to CS 1.6 . It’s gameplay and mechanics are too familiar to the professional gamers around the world. That’s why, Global Offensive has a lot to fulfill. It better has something special to offer or it’s going to end up like CS: Source. Does it manages to hold its own? Let’s see.

For those unfamiliar to CS world, it has two teams- Terrorist team and Counter-Terrorist team. It either involves completing objectives or eliminating the enemy team. The gameplay is very intense and quick with a typical round lasting no more than a few minutes. If you die, you don’t respawn instantly, like other games. You have to wait till the completion of the round. Weapons are not free, rather they’re earned. You buy weapons at the beginning of the round and the amount of money you have depends on your performance in the previous round. There are two common game modes. First is Hostage Rescue mode in which Terrorists need to either kill all the CTs or last the round with hostages still with them. Second is Bomb Defusal which is unarguably the most popular game mode. It involves Ts trying to plant a C4 in one of the two bomb sites and blowing it up. While, CTs either defuse it or kill all Ts before bomb gets planted.

Global Offensive introduces two new game modes addition to the default one- Arms Race and Demolition. Both of these modes are based on the Gungame mod of CS 1.6. Arms Race is a Deathmatch mode (you respawn immediately if you die), in which you get better gun as you continue to kill more players in quick time. Demolition mode is a round based mode in which you get inferior weapon with each kill and you can’t purchase anything either.

Graphics are very good. Even CS: Source pales in comparison. Admittedly, it stands nowhere near games like Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2, but visual quality was never the strength of Counter Strike franchise.

Gameplay was. And that’s where the game excels. Mainly because it’s hardly changed since 1.6. Only it’s fine-tuned to make it look like modern shooters. If you were good at 1.6, most likely you’ll be pretty decent at Global Offensive too.

I loved the new and also the classic maps which are redesigned. There are few new weapons as well like Molotov Cocktails and Incendiary Grenades which can be used either to distract your enemies or burn them alive.

As I’ve already mentioned, gameplay is pretty much the same. I liked that part. GO doesn’t care to adapt to today’s trends and retains 1.6’s classic style. Like CS 1.6, skills are of paramount importance here. You get better with practice and time. There’s no shortcut to success, as they say, holds true here. Doesn’t matter if you’re coming from Call of Duty or Battlefield 3, if you’re new to Counter-Strike, you’ll spend your first few weeks with the game getting fragged the instant you encounter an enemy. Veteran CS players are very very skillful and extremely unforgiving. They won’t care if this is your first time and you happen to be a noob. That maybe the only drawback of this game- it’s pretty harsh to the newbies. You can’t just go guns blazing in this game. If you want to last longer.

If you have enough patience and are willing to learn, though, I promise you, you’ll love the game. CS 1.6 players owe themselves to play this game. Being an old CS 1.6 player, I am completely hooked.

My Score 9.5/10


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