Book Reviews: New Spring and The Name of the Wind

New Spring (Prequel to the Wheel of Time): 
Lan and Moiraine are two of my favourite characters in the Wheel of Time saga. When somebody told me there exists a little book which tells the tale of their bonding, I was quite excited. I immediately bought the book from Amazon Kindle store and downloaded it on my Kindle.
New Spring’ story is set twenty years before the events of the first book of the WoT series: The Eye of the World.NewSpring_ebook

My first impression is that the book, while not particularly badly written, is a far cry from most of the WoT novels. The pace is excruciatingly slow and barely anything important happens throughout the novel. Even the character motivations are ill-conceived. Moiraine and her best friend and co-prankster, Siuan, work strenuously to find out the whereabouts of the Dragon Reborn. Only, we don’t know why. Do they want to be the first ones to find him? Do they want to find him to save his life from the Red Ajah sisters? Or maybe it’s one of those girlish whims? We are never told. Lan’s storyline was a bit more engrossing, though. But hardly the redeeming feature.

This book is pretty short, especially from High Fantasy’s standards. But it still took me a week to read this. Avoid this book at all costs unless, of course, you have too much time at your disposal.

Rating: 2/5

The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle):

The Name of the Wind is a refreshing tale of a famous magician Kvothe who is believed to have murdered a king (thus the name Kingkiller). The story starts in an inn which is scarcely used these days due to the war. The innkeeper is revealed to be none other than Kvothe hiding under the disguise of Kote the innkeeper. He’s reluctant to dwell on his supposedly bitter past. He, eventually, agrees to narrate his tale to the Chronicler on a certain terms.

We come to know that he was born in Edeme Ruh, a troupe of travelling performers. His father hired an arcanist, Abenthy, who taught Kvothe the basics of Sympathy – a form of magic in KingKiller Chronicle’s world. Events take a twist then, Kvothe’s parents, along with the whole troupe (except Abenthy who had had left the troupe not long ago) is murdered by a legendary evil being called Chandarian because of performing a song related to him.186074

Later, Kvothe joins the University and starts his education in Arcany while silently promising himself to kill Chandarian and to avenge his parents’ deaths. Story is very nice and the writing is good as well. There was hardly a dull moment in the book. A must for read for anyone interested in a nice, well-written story. I hope to read the second book very soon.

Rating: 4/5


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