Rants of an Apple Fan

Typical responses to the following statements:

Statement: “I like Microsoft.”

Response: “Cool. So which one’s your favourite Windows OS?”

Statement: “I like Nokia.”

Response: “Ha! They were once numero uno but have tapered off ever since touchscreen phones entered the arena. Those Lumias might well redeem them. You still like them? I admire your faith, you know. I really do..”

Statement: “I like Samsung.”

Response: “Awesome! They’ve got some great products in almost every tech category and are so frigging reliable!”

But… when you say…


“I like Apple/I’m an Apple fan”.


(1) “Huh? Apple? Really? Why?”

(2) “I can’t imagine why would anyone like Apple. Ugh.”

(3) “How perfectly disappointing! What’s so good about Apple, anyway?”

And then there are some of those really bizarre ones…

(4) “Apple? Why? They only got a single phone whilst Samsung/Nokia/HTC/Doodah got so many!”

(5) “Apple? You shouldn’t! Apps in their devices cost in thousands and none of those apps are free!”

(6) “I hate them because I hear they torture their labourers in China”

Did you notice anything odd?

Ever wondered why do people turn aggressive when you tell them you like Apple or i(insert phone/pad/pod/Tv etc)? Ever wondered why they energetically begin to argue about it as if their life depended on it? Ever?

I have. A multitude of times.

Yes. You guessed it correctly. I’m an Apple fan. And please, don’t presume that it means I’m retarded or I’ve got some personal vendetta against other tech brands. I like other brands too. As a matter of fact, I use an entry-level Android phone from Samsung and I’m pretty satisfied with it.

But that does not mean I like it over iPhone. I don’t use iPhone simply because I can’t afford it. Apple’s iPhone, when it got unveiled in 2007, triggered a touchscreen revolution. Each and every brand came up with their own touch phones. None of them could so much as challenge iPhone’s ne plus ultra touchscreen technology.

Now a days, though, Apple is getting stiff competition from the likes of Samsung, HTC and Nokia. But what makes me prefer iPhone over others is not the touch technology, not the UI, not the intuitiveness either. It’s their app store, their apps, which seals the deal for me. Not only the Apple’s mobile app store has more apps, the quality and performance of those apps is nigh impeccable. Primarily, the reason for this is Apple’s developers have only a few devices to develop apps for with a handful of screen-sizes and resolutions. Android developers, on the other hand, don’t have this convenience.

Mind you, I’m speaking all this from my own personal experience. I have many gadget-savvy friends and I get to use the latest and greatest gadgets available in the market daily.

Now, let’s try and find out why everybody loses their temper when they come to know about your “Applophilia”.

I, personally, think the main reason for this vehement clamour is, people, typically, like underdogs. It’s just an observation of mine but, I think, most of you would agree. Suppose, two teams are having an international cricket match. Say, Ireland and England. Which team you would cheer for? Ireland, right? That’s it. People have a knack for supporting underdogs and Apple are anything but. Ignoring the personal computer market, that is. They dominate almost every category they have products in by a palpable margin. A staggering feat, wouldn’t ye agree? Particularly considering the fact that their products are regarded to be in a niche category i.e. gadgets for the rich?

One other reason I might conceive of is pretty obvious. Stupidity and ignorance. People, in general, are stupid and ignorant. And fickle to boot. They believe whatever brands want them to by those aggressive multi-million dollar ad campaigns. Most Android vendors including Samsung and HTC fool customers into believing that better specs always indicate better performance. While this may be true in most of the cases, there are a few notable exceptions. Apple’s devices like iPhones and iPads offer slicker performance than their rivals while having much much lower specs. That is because Apple have their hardware tautly integrated with the software. The result is their devices dole out maximum performance the hardware has to offer.

That’s it for now. This is me, Kshitij, signing off. For more rants, kindly stay tuned.


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