Crysis 3 Review


This game is probably the best-looking game ever. One of the most taxing, at any rate.

Crytek has always been at the forefront when it comes to making good-looking sandbox first-person-shooters. Crysis 3, thankfully, is no exception.


Environments are rich and very believable.

But what most gamers, including me, were worried about was the gameplay and the conclusive story of the trilogy. Watching the trailer, my worst fears were confirmed, almost – it looked like a Crysis 2 with a new story and a couple of new weapons. So this is what Crysis 3 really is? A new Crysis 2 with nothing new to offer other than progression of the story? Let’s see.

Crysis 3 picks up right where 2 left off. We come to know that “They call me Prophet” line uttered by Alcatraz was not simply a humbug or one of Crytek’s lousy attempts at giving a equivocal ending. Prophet is indeed back from the assimilation of his memories with the nano-suit and Alcatraz, the protagonist of Crysis 2, is as good as dead.

There is a catch, though. Prophet, since the assimilation process, is slowly becoming more like a machine and less like a human.


The Compound Bow. As deadly as it looks.

As you probably already know, in Crysis 3 Prophet is now on a revenge-mission while in Crysis 2, he was more concerned about saving his life. He finds his old Raptor comrade from the original Crysis, our beloved Psycho (who, as a matter of fact, looks nothing like the old Psycho).

As the story progresses, you realise that not only this game has jaw-dropping visuals, its story shines too. Prophet has to prove he is a prophet in the truest sense of the word by saving the world from the Ceph and Cell. Story progresses quite brilliantly and is very very satisfying right till the end.


Look, ma! What I’ve found!

Gameplay is splendid. Thankfully. Nano-suit modes are a bit altered but the learning curve is not too steep. As with any Crysis game, there is a great amount of freedom and flexibility involved. That’s Crysis at its best. You can use the good-old Armour mode to make your suit nigh impenetrable while going guns blazing , or you can skulk around the Ceph and Cell soldiers by deploying Cloak mode. There are many new weapons including the deadly Ceph weaponry. Weapons mechanisms and recoils are also good and believable. You can swap scopes, silencers and other attachments on the fly. I loved the Compound Bow. It is fun to kill Cell operatives and Ceph stealthily with it or letting the arrowhead explode gorily in their gristly constitutions. There are many more simple, minute touches which makes the gameplay all the more enjoyable.

Overall, I think, Crysis 3 is a fitting end to a ground-breaking trilogy. I, personally, couldn’t have asked for anything better. I do hope, though, that Crytek continues to churn out such brilliant games in future.

Rating: 5/5


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