ReKindling the Love for Reading Since 2007

Kindle, I have concluded, is one of the best things happened to bibliophiles ever. After Joe Abercrombie, of course. Just kidding. Launched in 2007, the Amazon Kindle, with its e-ink display technology, has revolutionised the lives of millions of readers, including me. No longer you have to lug around those 1000-pages paperbacks and hardcovers. You can, rather, put thousands of such annoyingly plump books in a low-profile device which lets you read your content almost exactly as you would on a normal book with none of the nettlesome glare of an LCD screen.

In this fast-paced world, hardly anyone has even a little time to spare for anything, let alone to read those fat fantasy books. The heaviness of them is intimidating. You always have to keep in mind the page number you left the book at. Reading on Kindle, though, is totally hassle-free. You just have to press a button or flick your finger on the screen instead of turning over a physical page to jump on to the next page. You hold a much lighter gadget in Kindle than even the lightest paperbacks you will see. This way, you save your precious energy and read much faster.

The word ‘library’ has a whole new meaning with Kindle. What’s more, it has an absolutely exceptional battery life. It can go on for almost a month on a single charge with some moderate reading.

No matter which device you read on – whether it’s iPhone, iPad, computer or the Kindle itself, the book will always remember the page number. You also save a lot of space with the Kindle, since, it crams in more books you can possibly read at a time.

Kindle vs paper

Here, I’m listing the advantages of Kindle over paper-books:

1. Less troublesome. Syncs across the devices. Remembers where you left reading.

2. Light-weight and less bulky than any paperback you will come across.

3. You think of a book and you might be reading it in minutes. Purchasing books directly from the device is ridiculously simple. You just need a working internet connection. Many free classics available too.

4. Probably stores more books than your average home library. Saves space. Cloud storage also supported.

5. E-ink technology makes reading more eye-friendly. Little to no glare and no backlighting.

6. Sturdily built. Withstands rough usage. Saying this from personal experience.

7. Superb battery life. You will forget when was the last time you charged it.

8. Physical books are prone to wear and tear. Kindle books, on the other hand, stay intact.

There are a few minuses too. Kindle, no matter how close to actual paper, can never replace the feel of the real paper books, according to some people. Here, I’m listing the advantages of good old paper-books over Kindle:

1. Kindle books lack the familiar feel of a normal book.

2. E-books are slightly expensive than the real counterparts. Although the difference is small enough to ignore and is diminishing quickly.

3. You will lose all your books if your device goes nonfunctional. The books would remain in your account, though.

4. Operation is a little difficult and cumbersome particularly to the first-time users. UI is a bit sluggish too.

In spite of these little nuisances, I simply adore Kindle. It is a good paper replacement and a windfall for hardcore readers like me


7 thoughts on “ReKindling the Love for Reading Since 2007

  1. Thanks for coming by my site, allowing me to find you. I liked this post. I’m a book lover, and I know how popular the Kindle is. Thanks for giving us the pros and cons. Best ~ HuntMode

  2. I really want to get a kindle. Which model is yours? The basic one or the Kindle Fire? Does it have wireless? where did you get it from? directly from amazon?

    • I have a Paperwhite version. I bought it directly from Amazon US. Kindle Fire doesn’t have that e-ink display and has a lot of glare, actually no different from iPad’s display, so no use buying it for reading.
      Either buy Kindle Paperwhite or the Kindle Wi-Fi version. The former should be available within weeks on Amazon India site (yes, Amazon launched their Indian site recently) and the latter is available since a year or so at Rs. 6999. It recently got a Rs. 1000 price reduction and is now available at Rs. 5999. It’s a great buy at that price point.
      Remember, the main difference between that and the Paperwhite version is that in the Paperwhite one there is inbuilt lighting so you can read it in the dark too unlike the normal version which is exactly like paper and you won’t be able to read it in the absence of light.

      • @Kshitij: Thanks so much for the recco :). I”ll look to buy it from the Amazon India site when it comes.

        Thanks for differentiating between the Paperwhite and the Wi-Fi versions for me. Planning an early birthday gift for me 🙂

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