How I Cured My Fever

All right. I am totally aware that this question isn’t as catchy as the other, similar sounding one which most people, I am sure, would find more pertinent: How I Met Your Mother. Most. All except who are actually suffering from fever, of course. You see, people realise how painful a fever can be only when they are suffering from it themselves. Like I was. A few moments ago.

I can still feel the minor after-effects, though. Slight weakness and some stiffness in limbs. Barring that, everything’s well.

Now, we get back to the question. THE question. As I have said (and I hope you have acknowledged) fever is awful and has the ability to sour your mood. So what do we do to get rid of it, in general terms? We go to a doctor. He checks us up and prescribes medicines. And then we go home and are advised, no, we are forced to take medicine dose and sleep and take medicine dose and sleep and take medicine dose and sleep. And sleep and sleep and sleep. And sleep some more.


Sounds a bit too inconvenient, doesn’t it? No? Well, it sounded like that to me anyway. See, I love sleeping like you. I sleep as much as I can. But then, how much could one really sleep? There is a limit, isn’t it?

So I cured my illness the cooler way. I made myself a cup of tea using commonplace Indian herbs and spices which helped ease my throat and lowered the body temperature quickly and without much fuss. And without any sort of side-effects to boot. You should be able to obtain the herbs and spices I used fairly easily, I think. Especially if you live in India. Okay, there you go. Here’s the recipe:


  • Few Holy Basil leaves (at least four)
  • Two Clove seeds
  • Half tablespoon pulverised Black pepper
  • One cup of water
  • Dried tea leaves (for taste and also because of the fact that we would feel guilty by calling the end product *tea*)


  • Put a teapot on the stove and pour in the water. Let it boil a bit.
  • Add one tablespoon of dried tea leaves
  • Crush all the herbs and spices and add them to the boiling tea
  • Let it boil amply, enough to let it bubble up (for about five minutes)
  • Serve it hot and steaming in a large cup.

Woah, woah, woah. Don’t blame me! It is ultimately a medicine, of course, is it not? Medicines are supposed to taste foul, remember? And be fair. This tea doesn’t exactly taste pleasant but it is not bad either. It tastes exactly like a herbal medicine is supposed to taste like, mind you. In fact, better than most, I should think.

I am actually not sure this thing would work for everyone. But it did work for me. I am guessing it is going to work for a vast majority of you. One more thing: I had a simple fever. No viral or some other complex shit. I hear viral fevers go only when their time is up. Neither earlier, nor later. So this concoction might not work for everything.

If it does manage to cure you, don’t forget to thank me. Good luck!


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