Why so serious?

Among the things I do not like about people in general (it is rather a long list), one is their predilection for taking everything seriously. All right, I know some issues do require grave consideration, but they take it way too far. It seems as though they are perpetually seeking things to cry, rant or be mad about.

The biggest reason I liked Christopher Nolan’s depiction of the Joker and Heath Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight was this line: Why so serious? 

Sure, the film was great and it had a great many quotable lines, but this one stuck with me (and with many others, I would imagine) Yes, the Joker was a psychopath, and he callously murdered people and all. And his way of making a person smile was not all that, ersavoury.

But he showed that practically everything in this world has a funny side. Everything. You just have to ‘awake’ to see it.

So. Why so serious?



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