Once in a while, I find myself liking things I ideally would abhor. Warner Brothers’ Supernatural is the most recent of them. Ghost-hunting is a motif which has been used in several novels, TV shows and movies so frequently that saying it is a cliche is an understatement. But cliches work too. And they certainly work here. I’d heard before downloading it that first few seasons (or at least the early episodes) of Supernatural are incredibly weak, and it gets better with time. But I still like it so far. It is not exactly thought-provoking and the plot is not complex like in the shows I generally like, but what the hell, it’s jolly good fun. Of course, at times you are forced to suspend reason and logic, but as a Bollywood movie fan, I’m quite accustomed to that. At least there’s a lot of variety. I just love the show for the pure entertainment and nice scares it provides.


Supernatural follows Winchester brothers in their quest of finding their father and hunt down any supernatural being they encounter in the process. The chemistry between the duo is superb, which kind of acts like a saving grace for bad acting every now and then. It’s one thing that has really impressed me. The theatrical skills fluctuate between two extremes, with the younger brother largely being more consistent. Supernatural heavily borrows from folklore of different cultures to present you new ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and the like in every episode. The brothers somehow get entangled in the case each time, usually on an insistence from a friend (while we are repeatedly told they don’t have many friends, what with a job like that!), or like in early episodes, by following their father’s trail, and ultimately end up solving the case by exorcising the spirit, monster or whatever it is. It is a bit funny how they don’t really concoct a plan and just go for the kill, sometimes not even knowing who or what they are going to face.

If you are looking for a harmless creepy fun from a TV series, and don’t want to overtax your mind, Supernatural is just the thing for you. At 198 episodes (yet) over ten seasons, there is a lot of stuff to be watched and enjoyed…

Rating: 4/5


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