Too Soon

Okay. I know. It’s been a while. But blame not me, but the work that had been piled up. I had procrastinated too much anyway. Most of the tasks are still very much unfinished, beckoning me whenever I take a nap, but I’ve managed to find a little time to write.

The years go by overly fast for me. There is the new year day, there comes Holi, then Diwali, then Christmas, and then shoo! The year is gone and I’m left wondering miserably what did I really do this year.

This particular year, though, went unusually quickly. I had made a list of 70 books that I would read in this year on January 1, but I could barely finish 30. My ambitious target to know well this world’s history and peoples, past and present, is still way too far in future, so is my understanding of the backgrounds of the various conflicts that are engulfing the globe.

But looking at the positive side, I’ve made considerable progress in that direction. I know a lot more about the religion of Islam, Muslims, and current upheavals in the Islamic world than before. I now possess a deep understanding of the religious minorities and their struggles in the largely Muslim Middle-East. I can now analyse some important global events and their potential influence on the world.

Perhaps more than any of that, I now realise that the things happening elsewhere in the world should matter to me, a common citizen, and it is important to keep a close watch on the events – whether good or bad – that occur in faraway places, especially the Middle-East – that de facto playground of world superpowers.

I see myself as not only an Indian now, but a global citizen.



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