Turbulent Vacation

We have finally returned to Chandigarh from a week-long tour to Saurashtra Peninsula of Gujarat and I’m sort of relieved (I hope to write a travelogue soon). While I enjoyed these few days, I think that’s enough amusement to last a year or so. Never have I been as exhausted as I am now – both mentally and physically – not even during the sojourns to Manali and Darjeeling in school.

First, heat in Gujarat, particularly near the coast, was simply enervating. Which came as a surprise to my body that is accustomed to Jaipur winters (and previously Dehradun and Mussoorie). I’d known that it would be warm there owing to close proximity to the sea, but certainly not THAT warm. We packed warm clothes unnecessarily, it seemed, but they did come handy in Delhi which was one of our transition points and in early morning in Chandigarh at the end of our journey.

Second, my energetic mum sniffs disdainfully at any hint of weariness you dare to reveal in front of her. She was shocked that we were not taking full advantage of the vacation! For her, not checking out every shop in that fabled market or spending a sizeable amount of time enjoying the view of the shimmering waters of the Arabian Sea from that famous beach is inconceivable, if you get my point. She likes to make the most of everything – vacations especially so. Even when she’s trudging along on an injured leg, she can be an inexorable force of nature.

Well, we indulge her. She is far too adorable.


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