The City Troublesome

Chandigarh, affectionately called ‘The City Beautiful’, is supposed to be pretty navigable, what with it being neatly divided into similar-sized, inter-connected ‘sectors’ which are simply where people live: urban zones. But me? I struggle in finding ways to places where I commute to daily. Yes, daily.


A typical Chandigarh Street

The problem in Chandigarh: every intersection, every avenue, every market looks almost exactly the same. Same kind of trees, same sort of footpaths, and identical slip roads. There is hardly any variation. Even commercial buildings look similar. Yes, there are signs that helpfully point you out the direction or sector where you want to go, but they are fairly infrequent (mostly on large intersections) and they even led me astray a couple of times.

It was in Chandigarh that I had to rely on something I scarcely used before: Google Maps. Perhaps my troubles with reaching places in the ‘City Beautiful’ have more to do with my own inability to remember paths that I haven’t crossed at least thousand times than any imperfection on city’s part. Nonetheless, finding your way around in Chandigarh can be a pain in the you-know-where.


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