It is difficult to believe that there’s been only two episodes of Westworld released so far, considering the amount of time I’ve spent on reading its reviews and fan theories. I wrote a preview of Westworld for Indian Express wherein I had expressed high hopes for the drama. Have they been fulfilled? Yes, and more.

Westworld does not only look great. It is as much substance as it is style. Like the intertwining storylines that run beneath the surface in the ‘amusement’ park, there are some philosophical and moral enigmas that actually make it engaging. HBO is known for profound television, and Westworld truly would have looked weird on any other network. I would say more, but then I’d be giving it away. And it is impossible to explain in words anyway. Watch it to know it.

A little early to say, but Westworld is destined to be the next HBO flagship once Game of Thrones goes off the air.


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