Kashmir, here I come

Most of you would call me mad for going to Kashmir in winters, but I did not want to miss out on a chance to visit, in the words of poet Firdausi, the heaven on earth. So what if it is going to be bone-chilling cold at this time of the year? I figure the pain is going to be worth it.

Indeed, I would have preferred to go in summers, but you make do with what you get – that’s life. And there aren’t many snowfalls in summers. I always loved myself a good snowfall.

But… but… here I am in Chandigarh, sitting on the sofa, and shivering ever so slightly whilst wearing a shirt and sweatshirt. So what is going to happen in Kashmir with temperatures well below zero? No. Better not think about it.

After all, how many people in India get to enjoy a white Christmas?


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