About me

I am whimsical, unpredictable and difficult to understand. I am also very friendly. Few really know me. And I don’t get comfortable with people easily, usually, and it takes years. But when I do, I can be a royal pain in the ass. Online, I try to keep my impulses in control. It doesn’t work every time, all right.

I think I am supposed to talk about my interests here, so here we go: I love gaming, movies, music (having little knowledge about the latter, though, according to most of my friends), and television.

I also like to read fiction. A lot. Fantasy and Classics are two of my favourite genres. Though, if the book is worth reading, I will read any genre whatsoever. Recently, I’m delving more into non-fiction. History, a subject I hate with a passion in school, is now one of my favourite things to read.

A few years ago, I got a penchant for writing. A strong one. Hence, this blog. It has been a smashing experience so far with WordPress. I made many friends, we discuss things, give each other feedback and a lot more. It’s all really good.

Speaking of feedback, I would really like your feedback on this blog of mine. If it is negative, I don’t mind; not at all. But it should make sense, at least. I am not a perfect writer – far from it. So, if you would be so good as to point out my mistakes, errors like in grammar, prose, or factual errors or any other kind, I’d be grateful.

Trolling/Spam is most unwelcome, will not be tolerated and the comment(s) will get deleted immediately. Though, I may keep some amusing ones.

Also, if you like any of my posts, please be so very kind to share it on Facebook/Twitter or/and anywhere else you like. Contrary to the popular belief, I relish fame.


In case of any query or suggestion or anything you wish to say, or ask, contact me via Facebook (Kshitij Rawat) or Twitter (Kshitij), or you can also email me at rawatkshitij@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you.




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