When it comes to movies, I don’t have a specifically favourite genre. I am not a big movie buff anyway, but I do consider them a decent way to kill time. And it is always fun to watch movies, even the bad ones, with friends and family. This list too, like Books’ list, is subject to changes. It’s hard to pin-down the top movies, really. So I’m just going to write down my genre favourites.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: My favourite fantasy film by far and possibly my favourite film ever. Peter Jackson fleshed out the original storyline (borrowing material from appendices in Tolkien’s books) and made a film filled with stupefying visuals and superb action. It was simply a joy to watch in 3D. Jackson made my childhood fantasy come true, literally. And in style.


Batman Begins: Batman Begins was the first film of the Dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan. It featured a fantastic cast, taut storyline and great dialogues. It had pretty much everything a Batman fan could possibly wish for. I think many people will be surprised at this choice. They will wonder that why didn’t I choose something like the Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers. The answer is simple: I’m just a good-old comic-book fan and Batman Begins was (and still is) probably the most accurate comic-book hero film. The most precise adaptation of the Caped Crusader. And, of course, it had the Batman.


Shutter: I am talking about the original Thai version. That had pretty genuine scares and I couldn’t bring myself to watch it alone. Though, I did try a couple of times. Recommended for those who are into the genre. Just don’t watch it alone.


The King’s Speech: A very well-shot and directed film fraught with brilliant performances by Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush. I liked the classic British feel of the film.

Science Fiction

Inception: Mind-boggling is the expression that comes to mind. A dreamy (pun intended) film. A paradigm of quality film-making. Inception had a magnificently innovative plot and seamless visual effects. Must watch, of course, and you might want to re-watch it a couple of times as the plot is too complex to absorb in once.


Wall-E: Who knew that even a robot could be so lovable? Wall-E actually managed to do that. An enjoyable film having a lot of emotion and pathos in beings which are not considered sentient. And love. It is actually one of the best love stories you will ever see. Great story and flawless animation. If you like animated movies, you owe yourself to watch this one.


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