Recent TV

I’ve been immersed in television of late. Actually, I’m watching TV shows all the time, so make that “I’m immersed in television even more deeply than I usually am.” As I’ve mentioned earlier in a blog post, television’s episodic and serial format really does seem like the best medium to tell a good story and tell a story well. It shows.

There’s some fine television out there. The industry has been on a roll for a decade and half. HBO’ Westworld is earning a lot of praise, and I’d say deservedly so. It is just what I love – a complex story, good characters, ambiguity, suspense, and philosophical conundrums to indulge in. It is not much better than it was slated to be, but then the hype was too much to overcome. The latest episode (seventh) had a big reveal. While it was not a shocking, the way it was written and acted was absolutely classic, and this shows the calibre of the actors who grace its cast. Another HBO winner.

I finished The Walking Dead’s fourth episode of its seventh season and I know it is back for me. I had lost interest somewhere along fourth or fifth season when I realised that it was really going nowhere, and there was no clear resolution in sight. Zombies would always be there, and so would be the living and breathing baddies. But sixth an seventh seasons have once again struck a chord with me. Of course, this might be because of a few important character’s deaths, but it is more, I think. The characters are once again interesting enough for you to care about them, and as “Jesus” said, “your world is going to get a whole lot bigger.” The tried and tested formula still works. Bring ’em zombies, AMC!

I have jumped on to the Bates Motel pretty late, but I’m happy. The premise of If You Want To Know What Made A Psycho, Well, Psycho was already interesting, and as a prequel to the horror classic, it really does justice. Performances are superb, and I love how the uneasy chemistry Norman and Norma, the son and mother duo, is drawn. Good stuff. I’ve finished the first season, and will start the second one one of these days…



It is difficult to believe that there’s been only two episodes of Westworld released so far, considering the amount of time I’ve spent on reading its reviews and fan theories. I wrote a preview of Westworld for Indian Express wherein I had expressed high hopes for the drama. Have they been fulfilled? Yes, and more.

Westworld does not only look great. It is as much substance as it is style. Like the intertwining storylines that run beneath the surface in the ‘amusement’ park, there are some philosophical and moral enigmas that actually make it engaging. HBO is known for profound television, and Westworld truly would have looked weird on any other network. I would say more, but then I’d be giving it away. And it is impossible to explain in words anyway. Watch it to know it.

A little early to say, but Westworld is destined to be the next HBO flagship once Game of Thrones goes off the air.